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Win cash and loads of points for playing free games. Our games have no fees, ever! So grab your friends and play against each other for a greater chance to win.

Every free game you play, you may win experience points. Every day, the person with the highest score in iPoker or Imperial Kitchen wins 1000 points, the top five players earn 500 points and the top 25 players all earn 100 points. Play in a scheduled iPoker tournament and win a great prize if you're the one with the most chips at the end of the tournament.

We've also added iPoker and Imperial Kitchen to Facebook, so link your iRewards account to Facebook, ask your Facebook friends to join the fun and win cash and other great prizes.



Play iPoker Free with your friends and other iReward members. Play and climb the ladder of immortality. If you lose all your chips, we will give you some more for FREE (up to 20 times a day). Play in our scheduled iPoker Tournaments, and the players with the most chips at the end WIN a prize!

Imperial Kitchen

Imperial Kitchen

What meal will the Emperor be given today? Imperial Kitchen is played with 27 meals. Each meal is served on a plate covered with a lid and is numbered from 1 to 27. Choose a meal number then slowly knock the other meals off the board, one at a time. Become the Emperor!

Hot Potato

Hot Potato (under maintenance)

Hot! Hot! Hot! Make sure you don't get stuck with the potato. Pass your hot potatoes (and bake new ones) for your iReward friends. See who can throw a potato the furthest, and who can bake the most potatoes – at the end of each month, prizes will be awarded! You can also enter the Hot Potato Draw by baking and throwing those spuds.

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